Thanks for inviting me, projects I’m working on in the Blockchain space:
In summary I’m a venture builder, venture capitalist, open source programs manager, social impact entrepreneur and a DAO Pollinator.

I’ve founded bitfwd close to 5 years ago, bitfwd has changed over the years, stared as student blockchain entrepreneurship program, then expanded into venture building community. 
As an investor I’m a venture partner in Israel’s top blockchain and crypto Venture Capital firm called Collider Ventures.
I’m also involved in DAOstack as a pollinator with main focus building DAO collaborations between China and the rest of the world.
For open source programs I’m currently focused on CENNZnet, it’s a 3rd gen network that was started by a friend of mine from New Zealand. 
I’m a fellow at the Edmund Hillary Fellowship in New Zealand which is a global community that aims to incubate ecosystem design and experiments and collaborate with the New Zealand government on unique immigration program that is available to top global talent.


 作为投资者,我是以色列顶级区块链和加密风险投资公司Collider Ventures的风险合伙人。
 我是新西兰埃德蒙·希拉里奖学金(Edmund Hillary Fellowship)的研究员,这是一个全球社区,旨在孵化生态系统设计和实验,并与新西兰政府合作制定独特的移民计划,该计划可供全球顶尖人才使用。


1.bitfwd作为一个社区驱动的组织,致力于使公众能够轻松进入区块链世界,那么您认为目前公众进入区块链世界的难点有哪些?目前有什么可行的解决办法吗?(As a community-driven organization, bitfwd is committed to enabling the public to easily enter the blockchain world. So what do you think are the current difficulties for the public to enter the blockchain world?  Is there any feasible solution at present?)

Bitfwd has been evolving over time. When we started back in 2015 and 2016 there was a strong need to hold space to share knowledge in a meetups like form. There weren’t as many projects and venture activities back then. Even Ethereum that just launched around the time we started bitfwd was a niche project. So our initial focus was knowledge sharing in meetup form. But as the industry developed we started getting requests to support enterprise projects in the finance space as well as active venture building which. 

To support communities, at the early days bitfwd worked with student organizations and universities across Australia to help them get started their own versions of blockchain tech meetups and we kept running the Blockathon events (Blockchain hackathons) and events to nurture the community. This helped a lot of people get into crypto in a very welcoming way as they are essentially onboarded in-person. What’s been really awesome is to see how people who were barely aware of the existence of the world of crypto turned into full time blockchain developers and entrepreneurs and are currently involved in leading some of the most impactful projects in the space across enterprise and public blockchains.

I don’t know if there’s a “Solution” to make it more feasible as much as just keep prioritizing community involvement no matter in what realm of blockchain you’re working. But most certainly if it’s in the public realm. When you’re engaged in community initiatives it forces you to improve your tech, create educational materials and essentially run more iterations which is a healthy thing for any new tech development, and that’s the only way startups succeed actually.

译:Bitfwd一直在发展。 当我们在2015年和2016年开始工作时,强烈需要保留空间以聚会等形式共享知识。 那时的项目和风险投资方面的活动不多。 甚至在我们启动bitfwd时才启动的以太坊也是一个利基项目。 因此,我们最初的重点是聚会形式的知识共享。 但是随着行业的发展,我们开始收到在财务领域支持企业项目以及积极开展风险投资的要求。
为了支持社区发展,bitfwd早期与澳大利亚的学生组织和大学合作,帮助他们开始自己的区块链技术聚会,我们还继续举办Blockathon活动(Blockchain hackathons)和活动来培育社区。 这实际上帮助许多人亲身体验了加密货币。 真正令人敬畏的是,那些几乎不了解加密货币世界的人们如何变成了全职区块链开发人员和企业家,并且目前正在领导企业和公共区块链领域中一些最具影响力的项目。
我不知道是否有一种“解决方案”可以使它上述的方案变得更可行,而不仅仅是在工作的区块链领域中始终优先考虑社区参与。 但最可以肯定的是,它是在公共领域。 当您参与社区计划时,它会迫使您改善技术,创建教育资料并本质上运行更多迭代,这对于任何新技术开发都是一件健康的事情,而这是创业公司真正成功的唯一途径。

2.黑客松作为区块链领域一个技术交流的盛宴,每年都有不少优秀项目从黑客松中走出,那么作为黑客松的主办方,你们是如何推进黑客松的举行以及如何使得项目能够在黑客松后继续生存下去的?(As a feast of technical exchanges in the blockchain field, Hackathon has many excellent projects coming out of Hackathon every year. So as the sponsor of Hackathon, how do you promote it?  And how to make the project survive after the hackathon?)

That’s a great question, hackathons are great for many things, we’ve been running a variety of blockathon events to support people experiment with crazy ideas, we used to do it mostly offline but are currently building a platform to do it online with DAOstack’s tech. Promoting tech with a Blockahton is the one of the best ways to actually engage the community as you get quite condensed hands on interaction and lots value through the community organizers you partner with as a sponsor.
As for hot to make a hackathon project survive after the adrenaline of the blockahton program is over it’s a bit of a tricky question but I can give a mental model for it:
- If your idea is good, and you are good at execution then the hackathon is mostly a springboard for you and you’ll get to advance it a lot in a matter of short time. Make sure to capitalize on the resources the blockathon organizers give you, often they’ll be able to lead you to land investment from a VC firm or get into a good accelerator program. That’s only if your project is good of course..
- If you’ve just started to experiment with ideas and came for the education, well, that’s totally fine and blockathons are great for that, but in that case obviously it’s not necessarily gonna make it easy for the project to survive . Startups are generally really hard work so it’s not typical for a project to survive or develop without a good core team putting in hard work and being able to get through struggles and real challenges. Keep working at it, iterate as much as you can and you’ll eventually make it with enough efforts and open mind to learn and improve..

译:这是一个很好的问题,黑客马拉松在很多方面都非常有用,我们一直在举办各种区块链马拉松比赛,以支持人们尝试疯狂的想法,我们过去大多是在线下进行,但目前正在建立一个平台来使用DAOstack的技术在线进行 。 通过Blockahton推广技术是使社区真正参与的最佳方法之一,因为您可以通过与赞助商合作的社区组织者获得互动的凝聚力和巨大的价值。


-如果您有一个很好的想法,并且善于执行,那么骇客马拉松大体上就是您的跳板,您将在短时间内获得很大的进步。 确保利用大型马拉松比赛组织者提供给您的资源,通常他们可以引导您从风险投资公司获得土地投资或进入良好的加速器计划。 当然前提是您的项目很好。

-如果您刚刚开始尝试各种想法并开始接受教育,那很好,这完全是对的,而黑客松对此非常有用,但是在那种情况下,显然并不一定会使该项目容易生存。 创业通常是一项艰苦的工作,因此,如果没有一支优秀的核心团队进行艰苦的工作并能够克服困难和真正的挑战,项目就很难生存或发展。 继续努力,尽可能多地进行迭代,您将最终通过足够的努力和开放的心态进行学习和改进。

3.除了黑客松外,区块链也有自己的组织盛宴-DAO,那么在您参与到的众多DAO项目中,能谈谈您对DAO的一些看法以及未来的展望吗?(In addition to hacking, blockchain also has its own organizational feast-DAO. So among the many DAO projects you have participated in, can you talk about some of your views on DAO and your future prospects?)

DAOs are some of the most interesting parts of blockchain tech. the concept of DAOs is defined differently by different people so it’s sometimes debatable what is even a DAO. The breakthrough in DAOs conceptually is that you can think of it as a combination of a WeChat group + startup. Essentially when you launch a DAO, no matter how big of small, you get natively the combination of social experience + cryptoeconomic environment.

The way I see DAOs is as digital native systems that has a combination of economic and social interactions and runs in a permissionless way as much as possible. Some Since it’s a full spectrum we’re talking about some DAOs are more “centralized” than others and some are more “Decentralized”. And the centralization in that sense is at the user level for the most part, as in, who makes decisions. What people call a DAO in that sense can be a multisig with a groupchat and that would be rather web 2 style, or it can be a proper open form where anybody can partake in the decision making process and accumulate reputation over time.

I’m particularly involved in the DAOstack ecosystem as it’s a very open and inclusive as a DAO platforms, Projects I’m working on in the DAOstack ecosystem are: LongDAO, FestDAO, GenDAO and soon the CENNZnet Grants DAO. These DAOs are focused on making the new technologies in this space more accessible and engaging and play positive sum games to strengthen the connection between China and the rest of the world.

译:DAO是区块链技术中最有趣的部分。 DAO的定义因人而异,因此只要是DAO都有争议。 从概念上讲,DAO的突破是您你可以将其视为微信小组+创业公司的组合。 本质上,当您启动DAO时,无论大小有多小,您都将获得社交体验+加密经济环境的结合。
我看到DAO的方式是将经济和社会互动结合在一起的数字本机系统,并尽可能以未经许可的方式运行。 一些DAO的范围很广,因此我们谈论的是某些DAO比其他DAO更“集中”,而某些DAO更“分散”。 从这个意义上讲,集中化大部分是在用户级别上进行的,例如谁来做决定。 人们所谓的DAO可以是带有群聊的多人签名,而是Web 2.0的风格,也可以是任何人都可以参与决策过程并随着时间积累声誉的适当开放形式。
我参与了DAOstack生态系统,因为它是一个非常开放和包容的DAO平台,我正在DAOstack生态系统中从事的项目有:LongDAO,FestDAO,GenDAO,以及不久的CENNZnet Grants DAO。 这些DAO致力于使该领域的新技术更易于访问和参与,并进行积极的发展和合作,以加强中国与世界其他地区之间的联系。

4.在推进社区合作上,您认为区块链社区与其他社区有什么不同,推进过程中的难点在哪?容易的点在哪?(In promoting community cooperation, how do you think the blockchain community is different from other communities, and what are the difficulties and easiness in the promotion process? )

The main difference between online communities that use blockchain tech and those who don’t is the ability to have built in incentives to help people be more vested and own a share of the communities they join into by acquiring tokens via DAO rewards or other methods, This is huge difference as suddently a community that uses crypto can turn into it’s own micro economy or can be a part of a bigger midsize economy or bigger economy etc.

译:使用区块链技术的线上社区与不使用区块链技术的线上社区之间的主要区别在于,能够通过DAO奖励或其他方法获得代币,从而建立激励机制,以帮助人们更加归属并拥有他们所加入社区的份额, 这是巨大的差异,这是因为,使用加密货币的社区可以形成成自己的微观经济,或者可以成为更大的中型经济或更大的经济等的一部分。

5.在bitfwd的官网上(www.bitfwd.com)我们看到你们正在做一些区块链方面的跨学科领域的研究,可以分享一下你们其中的一个研究项目吗。(On bitfwd's official website (www.bitfwd.com), we see that you are doing some multidisciplinary research in blockchain. Can you share one of your research projects?)

Yes, last year we did a research with academics from Europe on understanding business models of decentralized web technologies: https://books.google.co.nz/books?id=EQC5DwAAQBAJ&pg=PA974&lpg=PA974&dq=aelita+skarzauskiene+business+models+in+decentralized+web&source=bl&ots=Lj-d0d4O5H&sig=ACfU3U3FTpVtvRnZ_CgI49jEHh4dOOsDzQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiwidTQi8zoAhWPyzgGHegiBvIQ6AEwAHoECAsQKw

Currently we’re working on DAOs research. We believe this is the key to unlock the creativity people have and to free up a lot of people from the need to live in urban environment. After the COVID19 pandemic it is becoming clear that there’s a huge advantage to living in the country side. You can breath fresh air, have a lot of space, enjoy clear sky to see the stars at night and with DAOs you can also work remotely and not have to be dependent on office work for your livelihood. This will take a bit more time to get there but I think by 2030 this will be a trivial thing for many of us.


目前,我们正在研究DAO。 我们认为,这是释放人们的创造力并使许多人摆脱居住在城市环境中的需要的关键。 在发生COVID19之后,很明显,生活在乡村地区具有巨大优势。 您你可以呼吸新鲜空气,拥有大量空间,享受晴朗的天空以在晚上看星星。有了DAO,你还可以远程工作,而不必依靠办公室来谋生。 这将需要更多的时间才能到达那里,但我认为到2030年这对于我们许多人来说将是一件非常寻常的事情。

6.最后一个问题,能否介绍bitfwd未来将会举办那些meetup?(The last question, can you introduce those meetups that bitfwd will hold in the future?)

The best way to keep posted about bitfwd’s future events is by following on twitter or joining the WeChat and following our public account or joining the Telegram groups which we will share links to:
Twitter.com/bitfwdxyz t.me/bitfwd and WeChat we can invite those are interested.


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